The HITCHHUGGE  is made of a closed cell polyurethane material Water proof and Oil resistant.

The reason that I designed it was because my wife tripped over our hitch and it wasn’t pretty. I made the first ones in my garage put it on my hitch and pretty soon all the guys that I fish with were asking were I got it. I talked to a good friend and he said I should try to make them and get them on the market. It took me over two years to find the right product that was cushioned enough to take the pain out when you ran into the hitch. It also took a long time to find the right manufacture to make them, so that I could  keep the price low enough for every one.Available at Fisherman’s Warehouse’s and in Buck Outboard in Sacramento

Comes in three sizes
2 1/2″ droop
4″ drop the (4″ drop fits a 3″ as well as a 4′)
5″ drop

2 1/2″ drop
4″ drop
5″ drop

For prices please contact us – 530-391-1056 or e-mail [email protected]
We except credit cards over the phone.
Also available with different logos or No logo at all for large orders or clubs contact Us for special pricing.